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One of our Favourite Recipes: Caesar Salad

We’ve been getting a lot of questions recently about people trying to clean up their diet - staying away from prepackaged (or fast) food. So we thought we would share some of our favourite recipes with all of you throughout the next couple of weeks.

Vegan caesar salad

For this week we’ve got a tasty caesar salad for you. A really easy and fast way to prep for the week is to make a big salad and just add the dressing the day of. Most people do this but then add a commercial salad dressing which is full of preservatives, fillers and lots of sugar which increases inflammation in your body and gut and reduces the overall healthiness of the salad.

Always be sure to add nuts and seeds to your salad, not only is this a tasty addition but it’s also a great source of nutrients for your brain and body. This salad can be modified for vegetarians or you can add bacon or chicken for some extra protein.

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