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Exercises & Stretching 

Here are some of the exercises and stretches we highly recommend for increased mobility. Click on the following stretches to be sent directly to that video or scroll and explore! Our practitioners also use the Physitrack application for personalized  exercise and stretching programs. 

Stretching: Thoracic Mobility | Upper Back Mobility 


This is a great stretch for anyone who works on a computer or at a desk all day! You will need a foam roller or bolster. If you need a foam roller we have them available at the clinic. 


Stretching: Foam Roller Sequence for Legs 


This is a simple roller video for your legs. Rolling out your legs can help relieve muscular tension, increase circulation, and be used as a warm up or cool down. If you need a foam roller we have them available at the clinic. 


Core Engagement

Core engagement is about bracing your core and working the deep stabilizer muscles not about sucking in. In this video I am showing you two ways to help wake up that deep core. 


Pectoral Stretching


A great way to help open up through your chest. This is a good stretch for all of you who work on a computer all day long!


Neck Stretching


These are great stretches to help with headaches, and neck pain. Give them a try!


Stretches to help your Lower Back


Do you struggle with lower back pain? Try this great stretch. These are muscles that tighten and can pull on the lower back muscles causing pain.


Forearm Stretches

Most people don't know how tight their forearms really are until they get treatment. Get on top of tightness and pain with these simple forearm stretches


Popliteus​ Release

Are you struggling with knee pain? It could be because you have a tight popliteus! The popliteus is a small muscle behind the knee that tends to cause a lot of pain and issues! Hikers, runners and the everyday mover can get a lot of release from doing this simple stretch.  


Hamstring Stretches

Hamstrings are the main muscle group on the back of your upper leg. They can get tight and affect your everyday posture - this can result in lower back pain, knee pain and hip pain. Sounds like it's time to stretch them out! Here are two simple ways to stretch your hamstrings.

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