Chiropractors are neuromusculoskeletal specialist. They work directly with the nerves, muscles and joints of the body to keep everything in line and functioning freely. It is a safe, natural and effective form of health care. The goal of chiropractic care is to gradually improve and restore the function of the spine, improving motion and  thus improving nervous system function, spinal function and overall health.

The main form of treatment Chiropractors deliver is called an adjustment. Our Chiropractors use a variety of gentle and effective, non-invasive, manual and/or activator adjustment techniques. They also continue to study new chiropractic research and enjoy educating people about the incredible healing properties of the human body.

A properly and full moving spine results in happier (yes, many of our patients experience tremendous improvements in mood!), healthier and more enjoyable lives. 

Some of the numerous benefits of Chiropractic include:

  • Improved movement in your neck, shoulders, back and torso

  • Better posture and improved flexibility

  • Relief from headaches, neck, back, lower back pain and sciatica

  • Relief from hip, knee, ankle and foot pain

  • Relief from tennis elbow, golfer's elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome 

Activators are used for gentle adjustments 

  • Prevention of sport and/or work-related muscle and joint injuries

  • Enhanced athletic performance

  • Relief of pregnancy-related back, hip and pelvic pain

  • Correction of gait and foot problems

  • Recovery from MVA (motor-vehicle accidents) and WCB related injuries

From babies to the elderly, professional athletes to busy moms, we understand the value of developing and maintaining a healthy spine and nervous system to keep you functioning at your very best!

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