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Massage Therapy

Massage aims to relax and stimulate the body’s soft tissue by using specific techniques to promote or restore health. Regardless of your age - massage is beneficial for all. Our Massage Therapist sees everyone - from newborns to seniors. 

Why massage?

Research has shown the many positive benefits that massage has on our health and well-being. Massage can: 

  • Relieves stress and promotes an overall feeling of relaxation 

  • Help you breathe and move more easily

  • Alleviates pain and tension

  • Helps you manage pain better

  • Relieves musculoskeletal problems and improves posture

  • Relieves pregnancy discomfort (both pre and post natal)

  • Decreases inflammation

  • Promotes speedy recovery from injuries (work, trauma, accident or sports-related)

  • Increases mobility and provides great joint flexibility and range of motion

  • Improves circulation

  • Improves and strengthens the immune system

  • Reduces anxiety and promotes and overall feeling of well-being 

At Thrive, each treatment is custom tailored to the client and may vary in the techniques used depending on your needs and requests.

Pediatric Massage

Pediatric massage can look like a traditional massage on the table with oil, but it can also look very different. Each child gets to choose their treatment from pressure, music, which body regions, and clothing. Depending on the age and cognition of the child or adolescent depends on the techniques used. Sensory play, massage stories or songs are always great tools for children that don't like to sit still. 

Image by Toa Heftiba
Image by The Honest Company

Massage Therapy can help kids with:

  • Improving sleep patterns

  • Help with digestive struggles

  • Promote body awareness

  • Relieve stress and increase relaxation

  • Boost the immune system and help with congestion

  • Soothe Growing Pains

  • Teaches communication and consent 

Maggie McFarlane is our resident RMT (registered massage therapist) and CPMT (certified pediatric massage therapist) with 2200 hours of training. Receipts are provided at the end of the treatment so you can claim them on your insurance plan

Infant Massage Classes

Infant massage classes are structured for infants 3 weeks to 3 years old. We like to build healthy habits as early as possible. Each class session is about 45-60 minutes long, this includes going over any concerns you may have about your infants health and finding the best treatment plan for them. In 4 classes we feel confident that you will come away feeling like you're part of your infants healthcare team.

Please contact us if you’d like to be apart of the class. 

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