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One Step at a Time

It’s been 10 days since the surgery and already I’m feeling antsy. My short walks have brought me to the end of the block before my body is fatigued and I need to sit down. Sitting on my front porch I’m able to take in the amazing sun that we’ve been having and wave hello to my neighbours. It is nice to watch the world tick by but I’m already missing my busy days practicing chiropractic care. The street hustle is nothing in comparison to the bustle of a busy clinic with familiar faces and friendly staff.

Waiting and resting.

I’m doing my best to stay in touch with my body. Listening for when it needs rest, or movement or food. It’s amazing how quickly we shut out our mind/body connection and seek out distractions that remove us from feeling and listening. But, I know I must listen if I want to heal. Healing is teaching my patience and to plan for new beginnings.

Chronic pain is a fickle thing. Our bodies are so good at masking the years of trauma that build up with old injuries and pain. When we are on a road of healing it’s the neuromuscular connections that need to be regenerated and it takes time. So much time.

In this phase of practicing patience I’m starting to imagine what comes next for me and where my new body will take me. Up and down mountains, a new practice or maybe just completing a day at work and coming home with extra energy. Mostly though, I’m looking forward to fostering a new team and celebrating success with future patients.

~ Dr. Katie Lingard

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