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5 things I’ve learnt while healing

  1. Patience: Everything takes longer than you think it will. Rehab and re-connecting our mind with our new body isn’t the quickest process.

  2. Rest: I’m the first to admit I love a good sleep in. There’s a reason I don’t work mornings! However, being on bed rest for weeks is sometimes frustrating. That being said, rest allows our bodies to regenerate cells, repair tears and gives us the ability to move forward with healing. Check out this TED talk here about the importance of sleep.

  3. Community: My friends, family and patients have been amazing. From showing up with cooked dinners to sending flowers, the gestures of the community around me remind me that it’s okay to take time and lean on others.

  4. Nutrition & hydration: My go-to foods have been high in iron and protein - and low in fat and sugar - on the doctors recommendation. Yams, chicken, green veggies and fruits make up most of my meals. Staying hydrated seems like such a simple task! But I have to keep a full glass of water by my bed to remind me.

  5. Boundaries: Learning how (and when) to push my body and when to hold back is an ongoing process. Often times you can push the body a lot further than you think you can. It’s a quick study and it wants to be better, often our mind is the limiting factor.

Bonus: Netflix… Just kidding!*

*Netflix has played a role in my healing by encouraging myself to take down time. I recommend the cute BBC show “Last Tango in Halifax”.

~ Dr. Katie Lingard

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